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We Served Our Country For 22 Years

Now, Let Us Serve You!

COVID-19 Update: COVID-19 has affected all our lives. But worry not! Your search for an affordable and perfect home does not have to stop.

Taking Your Business To New Heights

American Pillars Contracting helps your business to grow and to be successful. From revenue generation to business strategy building, we’re here to lend you a hand every step of the way. We help you discover the opportunities ahead of you and achieve a good standing in the market.  Work with us and reach your goals! Feel free to contact us to schedule an appointment or to learn more about our business consulting services.

Business Consulting Services

The United States is opening new businesses at a record rate. Get the Business guidance you need to grow your business.

Business Liquidation Services

If you are interested in selling your existing business or office location(s), we offer expeditious exit plans that will have you on your way to the next chapter of your life in no time.


  • Custom Market Surveys

  • Routine Coupon Program

  • Effective Referral Programs


  • Improve Employee Climate Relations

  • Improve Race Relations

  • Improve Gender Relations


The economy is booming and it appears that its caught everyone off guard; that is, but us!  We understood that people spend money when they have it.  The new Stimulus bills have jump started the economy in ways most never imagined.  This new economy has created tons of jobs, in a hurry and we aim to do our part in helping to fill those jobs.  Our TALENT SEARCH TEAM (TST) is one of the best in helping employers find the talent they need to take their business or organization to the NEXT LEVEL!  Whether you need to fill your restaurant vacancies or find your next baseball super star, we can help.   We have established relationships with state, national and international agencies that will help to get you right in the "door".  Some of our partners...

- U.S. Government 



- MLB Farm Leagues

- State of Georgia U.S.A

Set up a free consultation today, to discover how we can help you!

Building Construction

We are licensed General Contractors with 150 years experience as licensed contractors able to permit complete residential or commercial construction jobs in 13 states and licensed subcontractor partnerships in all 50 states. We can custom build your home or business from the ground up, remodel your special place, construct prefabricated buildings or perform simple handyman services. Where would you like to build and what? WE GOT YOU COVERED!

Land Clearing / Demolition






Doors & Windows



New Construction

Revenue Building


Our revenue programs are perfect for any type of business. No matter how many years of experience you have in the industry, we can show you creative ways to further expand your offerings and to set you apart from your competitors.

When your business is already making money and your concepts seem to always work, it’s easy to get complacent while your competitors are slowly going up. Perhaps, you are a recent victim of a new competitor on the scene who just took your idea and who became the “new kid on the block” that’s gotten everyone’s attention.

Before your competitors get too far ahead of you, join our revenue programs so that we can help you catch up and take them over. Let’s call it your REVIVAL! Invest in a startup or 10-hour pack so that we can prove it to you.


Growth Strategy


Every business has challenges with growth. The first and foremost is that companies get complacent and are notorious for missing windows of opportunities in an every changing world. We will help you identify these windows so that you won’t miss any of them. This skill is important because it will determine your success or failure.

This service option is a great start for you. We’re here to take your business to the next level, even if you are just getting started with your business plan.

Even if you’ve been in the business for many years, we will provide you with good guidance. Hopefully, you will see the difference and improvement within the first month of infusing our concepts. Inquire today about our services! 

Business Recovery


If you gets stuck in business rut, you probably felt scared or wondered if you’re going to make it back. If your business is failing or if your revenue or structure is retracts from where it supposed to be, what we can initially do is to assess your staff, spending, revenue allocation, and budget platforms to help get you out from this situation.

In a few short months or weeks, you’re back on track and making money like you used to do. Perhaps, you just need some fresh new ideas to get out of the rut. We have conservative and very aggressive approaches that you’ve probably never considered before. Contact us today to get inspired again!

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