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Become A Licensed General Contractor

If you've have the passion to change lives, do something creative and financially rewarding then you should considering becoming a licensed General Contractor.  Our comprehensive, fast paced and rewarding Course on "Becoming The Best Builder" may be for you.  Enroll in our course today, and we guarantee your employment.

Call Today to learn more - (844) 885 - 5433

We Put You To Work!

Enroll in our fast paced General Contractors Course today and get right to work in 30 days or less.  Even if you want to complete the course so that you can remodel or custom build your own home or commercial building, you'll save thousands of dollars on your very first product.  In addition, we will teach you our proven cash flow strategic positioning you to hit your net revenue goals on every project.

Call Today to learn more - (844) 885 - 5433

American Pillars Contracting is a licensed general contractor. We provide licensed building and road construction for both residential and commercial areas in 13 different states. We can have construction projects in many states, making us an elite group: Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, Nevada, North Carolina, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia & West Virginia.

In addition, we can get you licensed to build your own house in any U.S. State.

You should not confuse our service with skilled labor, such as carpentry, plumbing, roofing, electrical work, grading, painting, masonry, paving, grading, excavation, waterproofing, sheetrock, tiling, flooring, trim work, windows, doors, air conditioning, and heating. All of these trades need us to release a permit for allowing construction jobs. Some states don’t require skilled workers for small jobs under $2500.00, but this is a trap. Don’t mistake a skilled person for a licensed trader.

In addition, be aware of “handymen” who often fall through the cracks. Sneaky workers such as “handymen” and “remodelers” know how to get around the law pretending to be licensed general contractors. It doesn’t matter because they are still breaking the law. If you’re not careful enough, you might find yourself in a big financial burden and in cleaning up a mess trying to hold these scammers liable.

With American Pillars Contracting, you’ll never have this problem. We have been an honest, reliable licensed general contractors for 25 years now. Call us today.  Call (844) 885 - 5433 to see if you qualify.

Business Management Package Deals

Our package deals are ideal for you if you are a new business or if you want to expand your current list of service and/or product options. This is an example breakdown of what this package consists of:

  • 1. 4-Hour Consultation
  • 2. Free Website Design

    3. Free Email Accounts

    4. Business Plan with a 3-Year Projection

    5. Three Social Media Account Setup

    6. Social Media Funnel

    7. Property Lease/Purchase Negotiations

    8. Hiring Assistance

    9. Business Plan Outline

    10. Operations Manual Outline


    • Customer Survey Services

    • Product Survey Services

    • Competition Survey Services

    • Viability of a Service or Product Survey Services

    • Bidding Services

    • Contract Negotiations Services

    • Product Negotiation Services

    • Contract Acquisition Services

    • Operations Manuals

    • UFOCs

    • Custom Licensing Program

    • Custom Franchising Program

    • Brand Building Services

    • Sales Manuals

    • Job Training Manuals

    • CEUs

    • Bylaws

    • Articles of Incorporation

    • Operations Agreements

    • Business Plans

    • SOS Filings

    • Sales Tax Number Acquisition

    • State Business Identification Numbers

    • EIN

    • Partnership Agreement

    • Sole Proprietor

    • LLC.

    • INC.

    • Sub S

    • C-Corp

    • Profit

    • Non-Profit

    • Tax Exempt Status

    • Chamber of Commerce Memberships

    • SBA Setup

    • DUNS Number

    • Sam.Gov

    • Vetbiz

    • Everify

    • Local Business License Filings

    • Profit And Loss Statements Prep

    • Balance Sheet Prep

    • Tax Return Assistance for State Filing

    • Tax Return Assistance for IRS Filing

    • Tax Return Amendment

    • Tax Debt Relief Assistance

    • Food Catering Service

    • Meal Delivery Service

    • Entertainment Productions and Event Setup and Operations

    • Security Services (Short and Long Term)

    • Investigation Service



    • Custom Market Surveys

    • Routine Coupon Program

    • Effective Referral Programs

    • Service Improvement

    • Expand Product Offerings

    • Customer Appreciation Programs


    • Improve Employee Climate Relations

    • Improve Race Relations

    • Improve Gender Relations


    • Network Building

    • In-Kind Programs

    • Sponsorship Exchange

    • Public Image Improvement

    • Innovation Review


    • Personal Training Programs

    • Constructing a Building From Scratch

    • Total or Partial Remodeling

    • Equipment Purchase

    • Equipment Branding

    • Name Branding

    • Gym Liquidation (Selling Your Gym)

    • Adding a Partner

    • Joining a Franchise

    • Training Gym Sales Staff

    • Training Gym Personal Training Staff

    • Adding/Removing Nonproductive Programs

    • Adding/Removing Products

    • Gym Restructuring

    • Monthly Consultation

    • Total Operations Management Consulting Services

    • Surveys

    • Community Network and Image Building Programs

    • Risk Reduction Programs


    • Disability Compensation Filing

    • Rating Increase Filing

    • SGLI Filing

    • GI Bill Filing

    • Educational Benefit Filing

    • Medical Benefit Filing

    • Dental Benefit Filing

    • DEERS Filing

    • Dependent Services

    • In Home Visits Assistance

    • Homeless Veterans Program Assistance

    • HUD VASH Program Acquisition

    • Unemployability Setup

    • Back Pay Assistance for Active Duty and Reservist

    • Back Pay Assistance for Veterans

    • Grievance Filings for Active Duty and Reserves

    • Harassment Filing

    • Discrimination Filing

    • EEOC Complaint Filing

    • UCMJ Appropriations Assistance

    • Strong Bonds Event Application Assistance

    • Yellow Ribbon Event Application Assistance

    • Veterans Service Officer Location Services (FREE)

    • Regional VA Representative Location Services (FREE)


    • Construction Management Services

    • Blueprint Reading

    • Total Residential Remodeling Services

    • Total Commercial Remodeling Services

    • New Construction

    • Custom Home Building

    • Custom Commercial Building

    • Building Reduction

    • Building Expansions

    • Tiny Home Building

    • Modular Home Erection

    • Panel Home Erection

    • Steel Buildings

    • Erecting Red Iron

    • Crane Services

    • Road Construction

    • Parking Lot Construction


    • College Application Support

    • Student Loan Acquisition

    • Athletic Scholarship Acquisition

    • Academic Scholarship Acquisition

    • School Transfer Service

    • Stay-In School

    • Total Graduation Services

    • In-School Support Programs

    • Suspension Reduction and Eradication

    • Safe Haven

    • Enlisting in Military

    • I.S. Military Application Service

    • Military Recruitment Service

    • Military Enlistment Service

    • Military Discharge Service


    • Talent Search

    • Talent Training (over 50 industry partnerships)

    • Talent Placement

    • Business Collaboration

    • Resume Building

    • Background Checking

    • Credit Checks

    • Job Alignment Service

    • Criminal Record Concealment Assistance

    • Second Chance Programs

    • Job Acquisition Assistance

    • Career Prep Assistance

    • Career Tracking Support

    • Contacting Potential Employers


    • Church Starting Services

    • Membership Building Services

    • Tithing Increase Services

    • Christian Education Services

    • Bylaws

    • Operating Manuals

    • Auxiliary Services

    • Speaking Engagement Services

    • Church to Church Networking Services

    • Expanding Location Services

    • Revival Services

    • Camp Meeting Services

    • Annual Men and Women’s Conference

    • Youth Program Services

    • Community Services

    • Club Self-Control Chapter Services


    • Total Relocation for Businesses

    • Total Relocation for Individuals

    • Exit Leasing

    • Short Selling

    • Property Listing

    • Buyer Location Services

    • Moving Assistance

    • Property Storage Assistance

    • Boat, Car, RV, Personal, and Business Equipment Storage Services

    • Truck and Car Rental Services

    • Quitclaim Deed


    • Vacation Planning Assistance

    • Travel Package Discounts

    • Air

    • Cruise

    • Car Rental

    • Hotel Services


    • Total Family Reunion Services

    • Total Wedding Services

    • Total Retirement Services

    • Event Location

    • Total Event Services

    • Video and Audio Recording

    • Special Guest Assistance

    • Invitation and Guest Services

    • Prints, Invitations, T-Shirts, Etc.


    We also offer the following filing services for women-owned businesses:

    • Business Setup Support

    • Choosing the Right Business Support

    • SAM.GIV

    • Everify

    • SBA

    • Harassment Filing Support

    • Sexual Harassment Support

    • Discrimination Support Services



    • Legal Help

    • In-Court Legal Assistance

    • Law Allocation and Appropriation Assistance

    • Lawsuit Filing Assistance


    • Political Office Registration Assistance

    • Custom Platform Creation Assistance

    • Defamation Relief Services

    • Campaign Staffing

    • Fundraising

    • Branding

    • Speaking Engagement

    • Political Action Committee Building

    • Endorsement Procurement

    Introduction to...FLIP MY TRAILER

    We are at the end of writing the television show script for our "FLIP MY TRAILER" concept.  This show is designed to be the very first and only show on television where mobile homes, trailers, rv's, campers, tiny homes, containers are being renovated and flipped.

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